Lotus Exige

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Horsepower: 265 hp | Acceleration: 0-100km/h: 3.4 sec
Top speed: 280km/h | Engine: 1800 cc; Supercharged
Drive: Rear-wheel drive | Transmission: Automatic


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The Lotus Exige is a small-batch, hand-built sports car developed and manufactured by British automaker Lotus Cars. The Exige is based on the Lotus Elise model, but has undergone several developments and performance enhancements. The first generation Exige was introduced in 2000, and since then two more generations have been released. The car is specifically aimed at drivers who prioritize the driving experience and seek a challenging driving experience.

The car was designed by Lotus’ chief designer, Russell Carr. The motor in the Lotus Exige is the same as in the Lotus Elise, which is a 1.8 liter, four-cylinder Toyota engine, but performance-enhancing modifications have been made to it for the Exige, allowing the latest version to produce 430 horsepower. The car’s design is similar to that of Formula 1 cars, with a wide body and low profile that provides a very low center of gravity. The car features Lotus’ special multi-link suspension, which provides excellent road holding and maneuverability.

The Lotus Exige is undoubtedly a true sports car that offers a challenging and excellent driving experience for those who prioritize the driving experience.

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