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    Lamborghini Huracan

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    2,2 km - Kiskunlacháza

    Hosszú egyenesek jellemzik

    4,4 km - Mogyoród

    Technikás pálya, sok fordulóval

    1 km - Monorierdő

    Rövid, de intenzív pálya

    2,75 km - Örkény

    Hosszú, kényelmes fordulókkal

    4,2 km - Balatonfőkajár

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    Get acquainted with this breathtaking, snow-white car that boasts a futuristic exterior. The 610 horsepower machine is surrounded by the power of a Spanish fighting bull, and now you can experience this power on Hungary's most famous racetracks, such as Drx Ring, Euroring, Hungaroring, and M-Ring. This car is the latest addition to the Lamborghini family, stepping onto the scene as the successor to the Gallardo. This artistic creation by the Italian Lamborghini company is far from typical. You mostly encounter it at races, driving experiences, or in collectors' garages, but now is your opportunity to be part of the driving experience. Under the hood of the car, a naturally aspirated V10 engine lurks, and its inspiring sound beckons. When the engine roars, your blood begins to pulsate immediately. The 5200 cc engine delivers incredible performance, reaching 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. This experience is present in every moment of driving and offers a true adrenaline rush. Now, picture yourself on the winding track of the Hungaroring, where the car truly comes alive in a real racing environment. This popular location is easily accessible from the M3 motorway, making it easy to find. The track's curves and straightaways are ideal for extracting the maximum from the car's full performance. Driving this car will be a real adventure. The futuristic design, the immense power of the engine, and the excitement of the racetrack all combine to create an experience you'll never forget. When you drive this car on Hungary's best racetracks, you can truly feel the magic of speed and power. Don't miss this special opportunity to be part of this automotive experience!


    5200 cm3 ; V10


    Rear-wheel drive


    610 HP




    2.8 s / 100 km/h

    Top Speed

    328 km/h