Formula Renault

135 450 

Horsepower: 140 HP | Acceleration: 0-100km/h: 3.5 sec
Top Speed: 220 km/h | Engine: 1600 cc
Drive: Rear-wheel drive | Transmission: Manual

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The Formula Renault car is a racing car developed by the French car manufacturer Renault. It was designed specifically for racing, with the first generation appearing in 1971. The cars are equipped with a 1.6-liter engine, and their performance typically reaches around 140-150 horsepower. The aerodynamics and suspension of the cars are also of excellent quality, allowing for high speeds to be reached. The cars usually have a six-speed gearbox and are capable of speeds over 200 km/h.

Design and development of the cars is an ongoing process to ensure that drivers always have the best possible car for competition. The excitement of the races comes from the balanced nature of the cars, with drivers having to find the best possible setup to maximize the car’s performance during the race.

Overall, the Formula Renault car is a very exciting and visually impressive car that offers young drivers the opportunity to learn the basics of racing and get the maximum performance out of the car with the best possible setups.

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