Driving Technique Training

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Our driving training is designed to raise awareness of the importance of driving skills and their continuous improvement! Our motto for the programme is that there is always better from good! Therefore, whether you are an experienced or a novice driver, the roads will still have surprises for you! Join us and make the most of yourself and your car in safe conditions!

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While driving, one should not be afraid, but respect the speed. If something doesn't go as planned, you might end up off the track. It's not a pleasant feeling when you can't control your car." – Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula 1 World Champion

Part I

Driving Technique Basics: A discussion for 15-20 minutes. What does this include? Proper seating adjustment and other important things before starting to drive!

Part II
Mastering the correct technique of emergency braking, simulating road driving through various exercises.

Part III
Reindeer test, evasive maneuver at different speeds, experiencing understeer and oversteer with different techniques.

Part IV
Slalom, with varying pace and different exercises.

Part V
Home race based on what was learned during the training, timed, total driving time during the training is 2.5 hours.

Additional Participation Information
The experience includes a 2.5-hour driving training session for one person. For efficient and safe learning, the tasks are performed with the participant's own vehicle. The participant is in continuous radio contact with their instructor.

Why is it important for us to have a high number of participants in our driving technique training?

Safety in traffic receives great emphasis in the life of Drive-X Sport; this represents a kind of social responsibility. Our goal is to obtain a comprehensive picture of the driving habits of our target audience, support them with measurable results, and highlight individually tailored areas for improvement.

In addition to theoretical education, we place a strong emphasis on practical training because, after all, people truly learn through practice. Our professional instructors assist you in being in the utmost safety even in emergency situations.