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The Euroring race track first opened its gates in Örkény in 2004. The goal of Euroring was to create a modern and versatile race track that caters to the needs of both professional drivers and a broader audience. Over the past 15 years, the track has hosted successful races and events, enthusiastically supported by fans of cars, motorcycles, go-karts, and off-road, proving the track's popularity among speed enthusiasts in Hungary.

Euroring's location, proximity to Budapest, and excellent infrastructure make it unique for hosting special events. The technically well-equipped conference rooms are ideal for presentations, business negotiations, corporate meetings, and team-building events. The track is often chosen as a preferred venue by event organizers, PR agencies, and travel agencies. Euroring offers various opportunities for organizing full-day programs as well.

Through continuous development, Euroring opens up new possibilities for guests. The relocated main entrance, the rebuilt snack bar, renovated conference rooms, and the new VIP section all contribute to ensuring that our current and future partners feel even more comfortable. The 24 renovated boxes, the new tower building, and the newly built terrace are additional enhancements that improve the overall visibility of the track and the efficient operation of race organizations.

The Euroring Race Track and Event Center is just 52 kilometers away from Budapest, along the M5 motorway, near Örkény. The track length is 2750 meters, with the finishing straight measuring 330 meters. The track's high-quality asphalt surface caters to all needs and is suitable for both public open days and professional car and motorcycle races.

The Euroring is an extremely technical track, with its special construction allowing for the creation of multiple alternative racing lines. Over the years, the track has hosted numerous motorbike, go-kart, and car races, and, based on individual agreements, it gladly provides opportunities for training sessions for various categories of racing cars and motorcycles. Euroring is continually evolving, providing a modern, challenging environment for both current and future racers and events.

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