Driving experience

About the track

The team at Drx Sport dreamt big years ago, envisioning their own race track where they could provide their services at the highest level to the guests who choose them. This dream has now brought unforgettable moments of driving experiences to thousands of young and older individuals, men and women, and children who crave excitement. Annually, from March to October, we organize driving experience days where our guests can test our super sports and muscle cars, experiencing extraordinary vehicles. This place is none other than the Drx Ring. The approximately 2.5 km long, wide, concrete racetrack provides a perfect venue for driving, with a long straight allowing a taste of the top speed of the most powerful cars, and its wide track line is ideal for both novice and experienced drivers.

At Drx Ring, participants can not only enjoy driving experiences but also take part in flying experience programs if they choose this track for their driving experience program. On this track, well-known cars such as Ferrari 458 Italia or Porsche 911 turbo can be driven, but you can also find a Dodge Hellcat or Formula Renault, the latter offering a glimpse into the world of Formula 1. Starting from 2021, we not only organize weekend driving days but also welcome guests on weekdays! Choose at your leisure, surprise your loved ones or yourself with a truly exhilarating adrenaline driving experience.

The most popular cars...