We are Drive-X Sport. If for some reason you don't know what we do, listen up! Our team has been working every day for over ten years, from spring to autumn, to bring the pleasure of sports cars and racing cars to the average person, whether it's for pleasure driving or driving for pleasure. Because the price of such a car is so astronomical, we always put a professional instructor on board with the driver, who knows the car inside out.

And who are they?

Norbert Nagy, ETCC (European Touring Car Championship) silver and bronze medallist, WTCR points scorer

Jr. Ferenc Ficza, WTCC points scorer, TCR podium finisher, multiple Hungarian champion

Balázs Szentpéteri-Horváth, Nissan GT Academy finalist

Máté Benyó, Swift Cup Europe bronze medallist, Hungarian Rallycross Champion

Tamás Rónai, two-time Formula Renault Cup winner, FIA Central European Champion

as well as Gergő Fodor and Attila Kiss, who also don't get embarrassed when they have a 500 hp beast under their bumper.

Experience driving takes the driver to a kind of shortcut to heaven, but we'll make sure you don't have to worry about what to do in case of danger. That's why we've devised our driving technique training, also led by our highly experienced instructors (see details under our Services).

And without the DRX office supercolleagues, none of these events would happen. They're the people you'll be in daily contact with, and they're responsible for keeping our events running smoothly in the future.